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AGM (Tianjin) New Building Material CO., Ltd. is the only production base of AGM KOREA company in China. AGM KOREA is a leading  supplier of green building material in South Korea, they had took up more than 60% market share of Metal Insulation Decorative Siding and nearly 40% market share of ASA PVC Roofing Tile in South Korea Market now.
Except South Korea market, AGM (Tianjin) New Building Material CO., Ltd. has pay more attention to develop China Mainland Market, South Asian Market, South American Market and Africa Market from 2018. Our products has been exported to South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Chile, Iraq, Australia, Nepal, Russia and Mongolia etc.
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Who we are?
——  We are manufacturer, we have two production line, production capacity more than 6000sq meters per day.
——  We can make
Polyurethane Sandwich Panels

EPS Sandwich panels,XPS Sandwich panels

Asphalt shingles

Prefab House
We have many years of experience in this industry.
We established strategic cooperation with AGM KOREA company, and set up our own R&D center in Korea.
There are plenty of colors and types for choice, Custom make also very capable as per your request.
Very welcome to know your requirement, fast and best plan will be provided to you,We are confident that we can expand your product supplying scope.
Our products are passed with strictly inspection.
Our factory have strong production capacity, the goods will be made within 10 working days, and Our MOQ is less.
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sandwich panel for

prefab house
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